Sunday, December 30, 2012

Girl in white

11 am on a weekday in a Government Office. I am at the reception filling out a form. There are not many people around. In fact, there is only one other person. A pretty girl, sitting with her legs crossed, reading a book. I did not even notice her until I got the form from the lady at the reception and started filling it out. Since there was no table around, I had fill out the form at the counter itself. As I put my head down to write, I noticed a foot and that's when I saw her. Caught! She was stealing a glance at me with her head down and seemed to become self conscious when I looked at her. As expected, she pretended to read. I could tell she was pretending cos she had stiffened up. This was new. Generally, I am the awkward one pretending to read. Alright, focus. If I make a mistake on the form, the irate receptionist is going to make a big fuss before giving me another one. When I am almost done with form, I take a second look to see what book she is reading. As a student, I never copied in exams. So I am not very good at capturing detail with quick glances. I could not read the tittle. The cover had a picture of something like a snake skin! Weird. Forget it. I stare long and hard. Its a 'Tie' on the cover. The book is '50 Shades of Grey'. There! She tries to see if I am looking again. This time I am not sure who caught whom. Anyways, I return the form and walk away. I could have spoken to her. I convince myself thinking that there was nothing I could say to her. If I knew what the book was about, I would definitely have spoken. Yeah, right. Anyways, on the bus back, I flip out my phone and search for '50 shades of Grey'. Damn. Now I know why she was worried about who is watching.