Monday, May 14, 2007

The last class

Ouch! It hurts....

Went to college today morning. Late as usual. That's cos I slept late.... And the reasons go on.
Missed the first hour. Advanced Computer architecture! Believe me, I have no idea what the subject is about. Last semester in engineering we've got a project to do. And unless we copy a project or buy one from outside we won't have much time left to study the "four" subjects in syllabus. Our team being one of those rare few idiots who do the project on their own (probably because we've got nothing else to do!), we are almost completely blank about the subjects.

Second hour was Data Mining. Perfect lecturer! Came in with important questions for sessionals, dictated them, told us he won't engage anymore classes and left quietly.

Third hour was free. God knows why. Maybe the lecturer was on leave. We went to the project lab to complete a few left out things. Then at 4th hour got a missed call. Someone was going to take class. We rushed to class. It was our favorite, Mr. RK (sir). Constitution was the one class I was interested in. But today could not keep my eyes open. Because there were very few people in class, I had to sit right in front. By the end of the hour he asked to stand up once and sit. That's his way of waking me up! Make no mistake, he is very friendly with students. But there were a few giggles from behind. And the usual stare from first benchers as if they've never seen me before.
Then he declared it was his last class....
And someone from behind said "last class of the semester man f**k".

It suddenly hit me.
This was it. The lecturer in first hour had probably finished his classes and the 3rd hour guy did not come cos he had finished his!

The last class of my student life was over. Just like any other class.

I had imagined it a lot different. I thought the whole class would be present on the last day. And there would be huge cheer at the end. And a really long hangout till late in the evening.

This was abrupt.

Not even half the class was there. No cheer. No talking. Everyone just dispersed.

Not the perfect last class. But the 4 years before that were just awesome.

I hope the party has just begun.