Monday, December 22, 2008

A word of advice

Imagine. You are in a library reading something really interesting. There is divider on the table that blocks your view. You decide to put your feet up on the chair on the opposite side (Believe me, its very comfortable). You continue reading and unknowingly put your feet down. After sometime you feel like putting them back up again. Never ever do so without looking over the other side of the divider. Boy that was close! God knows what that girl sitting on the other side would have done…

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Golden Ratio

Changed the name of the blog to '1.61803...'. As you may already be aware, this is the golden ratio. The ratio that is behind everything beautiful! Saw a book called the 'The Golden Ratio' at landmark today. Browsed through it and it looked quite interesting. I'll read it once I finish 'The Music of the Primes'. 

Friday, November 28, 2008

'Excellence' by Harsha

Opening mood : Lazy


I was browsing through the net and I came across a video of Harsha Bhogle’s speech at IIM, Ahmedabad. Since I was in office, I decided to watch the video at home. It was quite late in the night when I remembered about it again and decided to have a look. Since it was taking a long time to download, started watching another one where Harsha was talking about Sachin. It was a vintage Harsha.


But even after watching the other video, the download of IIM one was not complete. It was then that I realised that the video was more than an hour long. 11:45 in the night is not right time to start watching an hour long video. But I could not resist the temptation.Harsha had been called to speak on ‘Excellence’. Sounds interesting! Okay I’ll watch for 10 mins I thought to myself.


He started off describing his early years at IIMA. Then he went on to speak about ‘Excellence’. The speech was just amazing. But there was one part of the speech that stood out for me. He said “When I started out as a commentator, I tried to compete. People asked me how many years of cricket I had played and I wanted to prove that I knew about cricket. But it did not help. Then I decided to make my guests look good. I did not try to compete with them. If I make Sunil Gavaskar look good or Geoffrey Boycott look good, they would want to work with me.” Wow. What a thought!


By the time I realised that the video was about end it was almost 1 in the night. But I wanted it to go on. Boy, I can listen to this guy speak for hours on end. And every time I listen to him I become a bigger fan. So much so that when Harsha is not on commentary, something feels incomplete when I watch the match.


This is the kind of video you have to watch when you want to clear your head. It was a cold cloudy day today. But Harsha brightened it up for me in the middle of the night!


Closing mood : Sleepy